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LovePrints. The Success Chronicles. What’s on your heart?


A preview of a sit down with Chip Baker of The Success Chronicles, and Coach DP. This clip is for the feature, WHAT’S ON YOUR HEART?

A Constant of LovePrints is “Filter Your Heart”. Pay attention to what you allow into your heart. Protect your heart from negativity, reject drama and stress. Breathe out and exhale the bad.

Focus on love. Engage the good in you. Express gratitude and joy. Love Out Loud.

The full interview to follow soon.

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Loveprints. Long Time Coming. A Sneak Preview.

Long Time Coming is a film the takes us all back to 1955, Orlando, Florida. It tells the story of two 12 year old baseball teams who are participating in the Little League tournament for the right to advance to the Little League World Series. It also checks back in with those teams today, where they are, who they are, and what they believe. In between, the young men show strength and wisdom, they show the better in us, and they show once again that the young people can often get it right, even when some of the adults dont. It shows that learning and loving through sports is a constant. Sports can show us parts of ourselves in ways that other parts of society cant. If and when we are wise, we get smarter, we get better.


Inside this jewel of a film, the people expose themselves to us, and often to themselves. They are open in what they recall as absolute truth, and what they believe to be true. We get side by side truth telling, often at polar extremes, and we get to see some of our own selves in it. We see the adults, often missing the point. We see hearts open, minds closed, and opinions offered. Throughout the film, we see where it went wrong, how it got right, and where the hope for us all lives. In truth, we can fix whatever ails us. In being present, being open, and being honest, we can grow together, know together, and love together.

I wont spoil the finish. I will just say that it was never about the game. It was about the journey to the game, the journey since the game, and the people who found themselves because of the game. I hope that you find some new loving piece of yourself in this as well. I certainly did.


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Loveprints. Wont you be my neighbor. An entire neighborhood covered in love.

Sneak preview of Won’t you be my neighbor, an insight and behind the scenes look at the life and love of Fred Rogers. Mister Rogers Neighborhood is the iconic creation of Rogers, and it holds a special and unique place in American television and education. Included in the doc are the base philosophies of the man himself, and the journey the program took beginning locally in Pittsburgh, and becoming a national jewel. It speaks to being present and in love of others, and its characters are tributes to people in his life. Rogers took stands for things he cared about, often making others uncomfortable in his own personal comfort. He stood up at times others thought he should not, and he spoke out when others thought silence might have been better for him. Most importantly, he loved even when others did not understand how he could, or maybe did not understand why he did.

This is a great American story, one man, one concept, all love. He has reminded me to love more, love louder, and love in action.


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Cover the world in love. Loveprints


I was asked recently what I wanted my legacy to be when I was gone. I did not have an answer. Not at first. I then came to smile at my first thought. I have it. My family. In the simplest form, I wanted for people to look at them and see the best of me in them. And then see my family, loved in whatever way they need to be loved, at whatever level and depth they wish and choose. My friends, who love unconditionally and consistently, making my life rounded and padded by the real kind of love. And my squads. Picture images of me in how they dream and love.

Relax people. I am not ill and passing. I plan to be around to love out loud for a long time. This is just where I am right now. A loving place.

I heard some people talking about carbon footprints. I paused. Carbon footprints. Your effect on the earth during your time here and its resulting effect on it after you are gone. But carbon footprint does not work for me. So I came up with another phrase. One that said more about how I want to be remembered, and say it in a way that says what I want to be remembered. Not only after I am gone. But while I am here. While you are here. While we are here.

Your Loveprint.

I thought about carbon love print, but that did not seem right. Love print makes sense. I can see hearts. I can see hand prints. I can see hands with hearts in them. I can see hands with hearts in them.

A love print is affecting lives, moments, communities, and the world by touching them with your love. By BETTERING them with your love. YOUR. LOVE.

We know that love begets love. Love comforts. Love chases out hate. Love lifts. Love elevates. Love completes, and Love wins.

So. What I hope is that you will read this and go with love. Go and spread your love print. Spread it so wide that it covers anyone and everyone that you care about. And anyone and everyone that they care about. May you walk around every day and see your love print everywhere. Let it be seen on the faces of those you care most about, and may it be felt in the hearts of loved ones and strangers. May it cover the walls of your home, be seen in your mirror, and be driven around with you like a badge.

So there. That is my blessing to you today. Be aware of your Love print. Think of it often. Share it so much that you don’t even think about it. And then look around and see your life covered in it. That would be a blessing. And that would be better than the other.

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LovePrints. It is time to cover your world in love!


The effects of who we are in love and action on this planet. LovePrints are a trail of where we have been, who we touched and how, and how we left them. LovePrints are the life marks that we leave on those we interact with, and hopefully, they are prints made and left with love. If done well, we leave a planet of people covered in our love.

As we take our individual and collective trips around the sun, it becomes clear that we all have a limited, unknown number of trips around the sun. We have to pack as much love in those trips as possible. We don’t always know when our trips are to stop, so we play this odd game of hope and wish. We hope we have more than we ever do. We hope that we speak all of the love that we have. We hope that we empty our love in those trips. We hope that no love is left unknown or unshared. We hope. We wish that everyone we love knows, we wish that no love goes unspoken, and we wish to be love, and loved.

We do not know how much time we have, but here is a bit of wisdom from ole Coach DP. “We all have an unlimited amount of love. We all have limited time on this planet. There is no reason to limit sharing the love you have. You will always run out of time, first. “

As our trips around the sun increase, the number left is lowered. As the number increases, so do the number of people and situations we are introduced to that we can share love. As the number of trips remaining decreases, so do the number of people and opportunities we lose. We must remember to spend our love account. We can’t take it with us. We need to leave it behind for others. We should try and spend it all. We can’t, but we should try.

Don’t dare waste another trip around the sun to begin sharing your LovePrints. Don’t you dare wait. Don’t waste another day, or another moment. Start covering those you care about in them. Start seeking out others who need it. Make it rain! Start with yourself. Do not devalue yourself. Don’t let anyone else love you less than you deserve. Don’t let a day pass without humbling yourself in love of something greater. Cover your faith in LovePrints. Cover your home and house in LovePrints. Make it a tribute to a life of love. Let your heart be full. Let your feet move you with a loving purpose. May your hands be acting in adding love wherever you go.

In the past few days, I have been stunned by the loss of loved ones. In the past few days, I have been blessed and favored with new people to love and be loved by. I wish that I had told the lost one how special and loved they were, again. I hope to tell the new loves how thankful I am for their place in my world. I wish and hope that I have loved whoever reads or shares this. I hope you know that you are loved.

If you haven’t been told that you are loved today, you just were.

That’s my LovePrint for the day. I hope that you are covered in love just a bit more than you were before you read this.

I hope that it wont be the last time. My wish is that we get a chance to do this again tomorrow.

Go. Cover your world in love. Love it out loud!

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LovePrints. Stoneman Douglas Bracelets.

Here’s what you all sent. Custom with the school name. I appreciate your generosity and action in love.

The greatness of love is that it can reach places we may never go. Once there, love can cover that place so nothing else can stick.

#StonemanDouglasEagles #MSDStrong#GoEagles #LovePrints #LoveInAction

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LovePrints. Stoneman Douglas High School Bracelets. A thank you…

Thank you.

Any action in love is thanks worthy. Any love in action deserves praise.

Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

Watching the students and staff of Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida go through the horrific shooting, my heart was aching. My spirit was suffering, and I needed to rally. I needed to go to the one thing and place that heals and strengthens me. I went to love.

I did not want to have the same discussions and debates. They do not accomplish anything. I needed to act, and I needed to act in love. One of the constants of LovePrints is “action in love, love in action.” I wanted to do something. I needed to do something. What to do? What to do?

“A heart is love. Hands are action. Separately, love without action does not accomplish much, and action without love does not accomplish good at all. Together, they can accomplish anything and everything grand.”

My brain and heart searched collectively for something that would matter. I wanted it to be inclusive. There was a second of fear that no one else would care, but since I choose to chase fear away with love, that did not last long. I decided to send hugs. I decided to send love. I decided to send a reminder to the people of Stoneman Douglas that would say that people care. We care.

We have never met the people of Stoneman Douglas High School, but we know them. We are them. We never let those we care about stand alone. We never let them feel like no one cares. I decided to reach out to my friends to see what they thought. What I found out was amazing.

They cared.

Grand empowering comes from love and unity. Go! Let’s! Yes!

They also understood. They also wanted to send love and hugs. They also wanted to act in love. They decided to love out loud.

I started a GofundMe account to pay for the creation of LovePrints bracelets with the school name on it. There are 3000 students and 500 teachers, staffs, and other. I wanted to send each of them a bracelet. Each bracelet serves as a hug, as love, and as a reminder. They matter. We care. They are loved. We love.

4000 bracelets are on their way to Stoneman Douglas High School. The Principal and his assistants will make sure that each person affiliated with the school receives one. Inside the box is a note that simply says “You are strong. You are loved.”

To every person who donated, thank you. No matter how much, it matters. It is a beautiful statement that no one is alone. It is a powerful thing to act in love. I am in tears typing this because each of you restores my faith that we are the decent and loving souls that we say that we are. We are strong. We are loving. We are good.

Your love is powerful. Your action is strong. Your love in action is a LovePrint that for one day will cover the people of Stoneman Douglas High School in love. You did that. You covered them in love!

Thank you!

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LovePrints. Dear Us.

Dear Us.

America, we are powerful. Our deeds have impact, as do our words. When we use them directly in someone’s name, it has more value.

Please, lets use them for love. Let’s use them for good. We deserve it.

Bullying comes in several forms, and none of them are purposeful or good. One such form is verbal abuse. It has several subsets, from face to face, untruths, and malice. In some cases, it is the devaluing of another person by not identifying them by the name given to them, or the name they have chosen. It is the dropping of names.

Why would you ever want to call someone something other than their name?

Put the labels away. Let’s use names. Let’s use love.

Generalizations are problematic. It is mentally lazy, and emotionally disconnected. Call people by their name. Say it to them. Give them credit for who they are, and what the name is for. It is being present enough to tell them that their name matters. We all deserve it. We are all worthy.

Use your words for good. Use your words with love. Call a person by their name and use love to do so. Identify an act by its name and speak to it for the good of us all. If an act is good, say so. If an act is not good, speak to the person committing the act and demand better from them, and tell them specifically why.

Use our names with love. Add a thank you. Add a you are welcome. Feel generous in using please. Feel free in using first and last names. (Leave the middle names for parents) Feel free to repeat them all, with love.

Every courtesy that we were ever taught starts with addressing people by their names, and by adding love to it by our actions.

Social media has created walls that do not need to exist. It has created voids that have been used to do damage and cause pain. Those spaces can be filled. Those spaces cannot exist when love is present. When confronted with a situation where your voice is required, find names and love before addressing it. Online allows for disconnected voices from the shadows. It allows for loud noises from the dark. Love can add light and cause a connection.

Your next post is important. Your next text. Your next call. Be the light. Be present. Be love.

Use your words to make the deed a love filled one. Speak directly, and specifically. If someone did something worth speaking on, say their name. If someone did something that requires questioning, say their name. Do not add them to a group. Do not allow them to remain nameless. Connect to them, their name, and do something good from that point. We need it. We will all be better for it.

Leave those group names and anonymous ghosts alone. Get personal. Give credit where it is due. Ask questions to where they can get answers. Give love to someone specific. Act in love to someone. Use their name. You want them to know that what you say and do matters. Be present.

America, we are powerful. Our deeds have impact, as do our words.

Please, let’s use them for love. Let’s use them for good.

We ALL deserve it.


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LovePrints. Your love in action.


Love in action.

It is not your feelings that matter, nor is it your opinion. It is not your thoughts that matter, nor is it your wants. Those things can be important, but they are not the thing. Those things have value, but they require something else. Something more.

They require action. They require love.

In these days of 24-hour news cycles, constant airing of opinions, and a flood of loud and noisy voices, what moves us in any direction is action. What moves us in a better and higher direction is love. So many people want to be know first, speak first, and be heard first. Those are all fine and good, but they aren’t alone enough and great. What is needed to give the most recent thing value is the action that follows the news. Yes, we need to look, listen, and learn. We then need to act. We need to see what is and move towards it or away from it. We need to see well and clear enough to understand what is, and what isn’t, and then go. We need to hear what is, decipher what is not, and then proclaim the truth out loud in our next step. We need to make sure that our opinions are fact based, and love focused.

I slipped the love in there on purpose. See no evil. Speak no evil. Hear no evil. Forward no lies. Act in love.

It should be see the truth, speak the truth, hear the truth. All of those give value to them. All of those highlight purpose. Love can do that.

Once we know the truth, we can then act on it. We can then move in it. The most important thing immediately following something new should be an action of love. Without them, we accomplish nothing. We idle. Love does not idle. It moves. It elevates. It inspires. It improves.

Once we know the truth, we can then act on it. We can then move in it.

Once we know love, we can then act in it. We can then move in it.

Our mission should be to cover our world in love. We can do so by taking the truth and acting on it with love. For love. Because, love.

As they saying goes, “don’t talk about it, be about it”.

Do not just listen, speak, or hear the news. Act on it. Love.

Love without action does not accomplish much, and action without love does not accomplish anything good. Together, they can accomplish anything.

That is your LovePrint. Covering the last thing, and the next thing, in love.



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Your LovePrint is exactly what someone needs right now.

You are exactly what someone needs right now.

Imagine that.  Someone needs exactly what you have to offer right now. They will cross paths with you, and they are ready for you to fill the void of the day. Or of the moment. Or of a lifetime.

It can be a smile that makes the bad experience go away. It can be the connection that reminds us all that we belong, we matter, or that someone cares. Your smile can be the perfect smile. It is the perfect smile.

It can be a hug that makes us feel protected, acknowledged, or involved. It can close the gaps caused by the past, or it can be another opportunity tomorrow. The hug is a wonderfully consistent medication for a lot of what ills us. Your hug makes everything better.

It can be the voice of reason, the voice of logic, or the voice with exact the information required to make things move forward and up. That voice can be the perfect explanation of why, the directional leadership to how, and the confirmation that why we do what we do is right and good. Your voice is the perfect pitch, and music to ears in need.

It can be the added question that leads to clarity, or it can be the insight that allows us to make a decision that has been lost by chaos. It can be the answer to the one question that has provided doubt and hesitancy. Your voice has the power.

It can be an open hand that elevates, it can be a push or a pull, or support for those in need. That hand can lessen burdens, it can lead a partner to the right path, or the pointing of a new direction and way. The hand can applaud with another hand, it can alter what would be a bad decision, and it can be the acknowledgement that something wonderful is happening or going to happen. It can be a hand up, a hand out, or a helping hand. Your hand is steady and strong.

It can be an ear that pays attention, acts as a sounding board, or the place where a great or bad idea goes for testing. It can be the resting place for a great story, and awful joke, a question that does not need answering, or a place to just be heard and considered.

It can be you. Simply you. It can be you occupying space, being in the right place, or simply sharing your wonderful face. It is often you. Just you. Being you.

Pay attention to your space. Often, you are where you are for a reason. A good reason. Exactly what you have to offer, is needed.

Have some love with you when you get there.

Love always is welcome and needed. That’s who you are.

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