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Stephon Marbury – Good Sports

Starbury TV

I'm truly thankful for the story that was told on ESPN. I believe a lot of people got a chance to hear and see the real. Challenges will always arise in the life but how we rise in the challenge will show the faith in our lives. I'm a strong believer in God which gives me a great deal of strength within to help battle my internal struggles which we all have. People saw Gods work today! Not everyone may believe in a higher power but when you have faith you believe. I'm thankful to all those who have supported my movement and journey thus far. The true people will always be true through and through you don't need any proof just keep doing you. The people that worked on this piece truly wanted to tell a peace story which is so appreciated. Insight was giving and love was displayed. . Thanks for watching!!! #loveislove #starburymovement #starbury

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Good Sports – CJ McCollum Boys and Girls Club

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Good Sports – Cam Newton Grants Christmas Wish

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About the LovePrints Logo

Thank you for sharing your love print with the world.

The heart is with the hand, working together. One without the other is still love, but both work better together.
A heart with no hands moves things, but has no love to work from.
A hand with no heart usually means working without love.
Together, they can accomplish anything.
Cover your world in your Love Prints.
The LovePrints handprint and the word LovePrints has an application pending for trademark with the US Patent and Trademark office and is protected under the laws of the USPTO in the class of Education and Entertainment services.
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Study Habits

One of the missions of Love Prints is to assist in the mentoring of students, parents, and teachers. A simple means to successful studying is in knowing how the student learns, how the teacher communicates, and what the parental expectations are. Not all students study the same way, learn the same way, or process information the same way. Within our programs is a study program that connects the student, teacher, and parents in a way that keeps all parties informed and unified in the tasks at hand. All parties on the same path, with the same goal, and with shared IQ about what that goal and plans are.

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Motivating Student Athletes

Motivating athletes is as varied as the number of athletes that are mentored, coached, and loved. In finding out why an athlete is there, why they play the game, why they want to go to college, why they want a career, and why they are who they are, all are vital questions. Without asking, there is no way to know these things, and in order to know, one simply must care enough to ask. Repeatedly.  There are no set answers or responses, only the sharing of information for greater knowledge of situation and circumstances. Knowing why makes every other question that can arise, easily answered. Coaching, teaching, and parenting is caring. Know the why. Start by knowing your why.

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Practice Habits

Practice habits are unique to the individual putting in the work. I have found over the years that identifying what motivates a study or practice habit, determines the success of that habit. If it is based on a short term known goal, it will have short term success. If it has long term goals as its motivation, it will have long term type successes. If there is no goal, long or short term, there likely will be no success. Setting practice habits in line with long term goals, generally covers short term successes without making them the focus, they cover those successes.
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Good News, Good Sports

Love Prints wants to highlight those people in and around sports who use their own personal love print to spread love and improve the lives of those around them. These athletes/coaches are using their heart and hands to add joy and happiness to others, and provide example of the good in all of us.

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Good Sports – Urban Meyer

Coach Meyer Addresses Campers at 2nd Ohio State Day Camp

Coach Meyer with some strong words of advice for those looking to play college football at the highest level.#DevelopedHere

Posted by Ohio State University Football on Tuesday, June 14, 2016

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