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Love is why we are here. The Love Project

The Love Project 2017

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Mentor Program combats suicide in Houston

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As coaches, we need to allow players to teach players.

A key to player development can be the time spent learning from other players. Shared IQ, the thing that allows us all to be collectively smarter by sharing knowledge, experiences, and work methods, leads to a deeper and different level of success. For coaches, teachers, and parents, it is vital to allow this growth to happen. It is helpful, and needed.

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Chicago Cubs Manager Joe Maddon on HBO’s Real Sports w/Bryant Gumbel

The art of coaching positively, authentically, and being present.  Do not permit the pressure to exceed the pleasure. You are playing a game. Be present, not perfect. Do not be an effing fan. Positive Optimistic. Some amazing stuff. 

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Second Chances – The story of Rocky Carter

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LovePrints in song. Share your love. That is what it is for!

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LovePrints everywhere! Cover the world in love!

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Jon Beason gives back to University of Miam1

Alum Jon Beason donates $250,000 to Miami Hurricanes indoor facility

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Dr. John Butler shares his LovePrint

Dr. John Butler shares his LovePrints and wisdom. 

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Kelly Fickes-Athletic Trainer, Cross Fit Athlete gives insight to her “Why?” and her LovePrints

Kelly Fickes  on some of the issues faced as an athletic trainer, and the reason why she does what she does. These professionals are vital to the growth, safety, wellness, and health of our student athletes. They are important voices and teachers, and they provide information to coaches, administrators, athletes, and their parents.  They put in long hours, and their knowledge of the athletes and their condition keeps every athletic program functioning and safe. Their LovePrints are everywhere. Thank you!

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