Our Mission and Inspiration

Our mission is to use sports and community to create a world covered in acts of kindness and love.

We have founded this company to give back to the community and provide inspiration to those people involved with sports and young people, to make them better human beings. We all leave a print of our time on the planet – ideally a love print.

This website is intended to be the resource for influencing, sharing, motivating and symbolizing love through, but not limited to, sports.

Derrick Pearson Coach and mentor

Coaching, teaching, mentoring, safety and taking action is love - all expressed in different ways. Share a smile and hug

If you want to participate in LovePrints, we have created merchandise so you can show your support and to make it easier to have a conversation with those you want to love.

Derrick Pearson, with a lifelong history of and passion for sports, coaching, and mentoring young people through sports, has the idea to spread LovePrints around the world through offering mini programs that educators, coaches and parents can implement in their schools, athletic programs and daily lives. LovePrints becomes a vehicle for influencing, sharing, motivating and covering the world in love.

The more love that is placed on you the more likely you are to carry it on – whether you are aware you are doing it or not. If you know you are taking it with you then you want to come back to the LovePrints ‘well’ to get more, then the cycle continues. Derrick and his wife Rebecca live in Houston and are the founders of LovePrints

The Inspiration

Derrick's post February 21, 2016, Facebook

I was asked recently what I wanted my legacy to be when I was gone. I did not have an answer. Not at first. I then came to smile at my first thought. I have it. My family. In the simplest form, I wanted for people to look at them and see the best of me in them. A daughter with my smile, my toughness, my sense of humor, my sense of love, and my dance moves. Just for starters. And that they will be seen in young Nathaniel Carter Huffman. Strong and ambitious, with no clue of someone else's boundaries for him or his life. My wife. Super woman. Loved, adored, and held up as high as my arms will allow, while being held as closely as hearts side by side can touch. And then see my family, loved in whatever way they need to be loved, at whatever level and depth they wish and choose. My friends, who love unconditionally and consistently, making my life rounded and padded by the real kind of love. And my squads. Picture images of me in how they dream and love.

Relax people. I am not ill and passing. I plan to be around to love out loud for a long time. This is just where I am right now. A loving place.

I heard some people talking about carbon footprints. I paused. Carbon footprints. Your effect on the earth during your time here and its resulting effect on it after you are gone. But carbon footprint does not work for me. So I came up with another phrase. One that said more about how I want to be remembered, and say it in a way that says what I want to be remembered. Not only after I am gone. But while I am here. While you are here. While we are here.

Your Loveprint.

I thought about carbon love print, but that did not seem right. Love print makes sense. I can see hearts. I can see hand prints. I can see hands with hearts in them. I can see hands with hearts in them.

A love print is affecting lives, moments, communities, and the world by touching them with your love. By BETTERING them with your love. YOUR. LOVE.

We know that love begets love. Love comforts. Love chases out hate. Love lifts. Love elevates. Love completes, and Love wins.

So. What I hope is that you will read this and go with love. Go and spread your love print. Spread it so wide that it covers anyone and everyone that you care about. And anyone and everyone that they care about. May you walk around every day and see your love print everywhere. Let it be seen on the faces of those you care most about, and may it be felt in the hearts of loved ones and strangers. May it cover the walls of your home, be seen in your mirror, and be driven around with you like a badge.

So there. That is my blessing to you today. Be aware of your Love print. Think of it often. Share it so much that you don't even think about it. And then look around and see your life covered in it. That would be a blessing. And that would be better than the other.

Happy Sunday to you and yours. And as always, .......... LOVE.

Loving and Learning Through Sports

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