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LovePrints. Derrick Pearson interview with Joe Winters, Jr. The Daily Path. Love Out Loud

Positive thoughts. Love in Action. Love Out Loud. The ideal interaction leaves a loveprint when done. Well done. We hope that you enjoy this podcast interview with Joe Winters, Jr of the Daily Path, and Derrick Pearson of LovePrints. Feed yourself with something good.

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LovePrints. Life Management Tribe. Life Lessons

Life lessons. Life Management Tribe.

Love Out Loud

Love in action.

Action in love.

Start from the heart.




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LovePrints Smiles Project

LovePrints is the simple idea of adding love whenever and wherever we can. To love out loud. In adding love, we cover those we care in love so that nothing else can stick Each action of love, all love in action.

As a coach, I asked my teams to reach down into their hearts and generate smiles in the places they live. The teams would purposefully go into the schools, neighborhoods, classrooms, hallways, and their own homes with the simple idea of creating smiles wherever they were. Whether it was holding a door open for someone, taking care of an errand for someone else, a kind word for a teammate or even a stranger, these players would generate smiles each day. Some would take over a chore at home that someone else would normally do, or they would learn to do something that someone normally would do for them. They would assist the teachers, help out the custodial staff, or they would go and cheer for a team that they normally wouldn’t support. Each player would write a letter to someone they cared about, and they would share this with their teammates.

For my birthday this year, I do not want gifts. What I am asking is that you simply add love. SHARE YOUR SMILE!

For one day, simply take a picture of you with your Sunday’s best smile, and share it. Post it. Text it. Make it your profile picture, or simply make a post on social media with your smile and the words #smilesproject or #addlove or #loveprints . It wont cost a thing, and wont take up much time. I am smiling at the idea of all the smiles. That is what smiles do. That is what smiles are for. To be shared.

Remember that action without love does not accomplish anything good, and love without action does not accomplish enough, but together, they can accomplish anything.

Feel free to share this. Every birthday party needs more smiles. I hope that the day is filled with love and in that, smiles. Here’s to your smile, and mine.



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LovePrints. One act at a time. Leave more love than was there before you got there.


If I was going to measure my time on this planet, I would hope to be measured by the amount of love I left while I was here. Did I leave each thing more covered in love than I found it? Did I attempt to action in love? Did I make things better? Was I present in my interactions? Did I leave a lasting print of love on the people I meet? Did I love?

The questions are simple. You know the answer when asked. The speaking engagements that I have been honored to speak at have all been opportunities to love more, in word and in action, than ever before. These events put me in a circle of people who may or may not know me. It is my task to add smiles, add hugs, and ultimately, add love. It is my job to close the space in the room. I find that it is easier to do so if I am adding love to that space. It is a labor of love. It is amazing to get into a space and attempt to fill that space with more love, no matter who the people are.. It can be exhausting sharing the energy of any mass of people, but when the energy is love, it is the greatest form of energy. It is the best form of energy. It fills the room the most authentically. It also lasts longer. Love travels well.

Speeches are love out loud. Each time I grab a microphone or take a stage, I feel like I have a responsibility to add happiness. To add love. Each event is an action in love. Each one is love in action. I may not reach everyone, but the ones that I do reach are left better than I found them. That is what love is for.

These photos are from the Unity Day event at the Altria Theater in Richmond. I was invited to give the keynote speech to a room of a thousand people, and I must say that I received more smiles and hugs after the event than any other event I have ever spoken at (because I had access to the people afterwards). It is powerful to put love into the air and watch it take over a space and the people in it. I understand the chemical reaction that performers get in front of a crowd of people. It is a rush, and it changes you for the better.

To have that chemical be love based is the highest level of happiness. A room filled with love and good is a vacuum of that same love. I look forward to the next room filled with love. There is no space that love cannot fill. I will be there, adding love. I hope to see you there!

Thank you, Virginia Department of Transportation for allowing me to add love to your employee’s day. They certainly added love to my day.

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LovePrints. My LovePrints are for everyone.



An act of love. Love in action. Action in love.

This is my declaration. I do this not to be better than anyone else. I do this to be better than I was. I do this to be the best version of me forward. You are welcomed to join me in covering us all in love.

One act at a time, one person at a time. Each action a purposeful gift of self and love.

My LovePrints are for everyone. My LovePrints are for anyone. My LovePrints are for you. No one is excluded. No one is disconnected. No one is exempt. You are all included. You are all invited.

My LovePrints are for everyone. Republicans. Democrats. Independents and Progressives. They are for Christians and Islamic, Mormon and Jewish, Buddhists and Atheists. My LovePrints are for New York fans, Washington fans, Houston fans, and even Dallas fans.  My LovePrints are for BYU and Utah, Army and Navy, Air Force and the Marine Corp. My LovePrints are for USC and UCLA, Florida and Florida State, Kentucky and Louisville. Caps fans, Penguins fans, Red Wings fans, and Flyers fans. They are for boxing fans and UFC fans too. They are for Man U fans, and they are for Liverpool fans as well.

My LovePrints are for LeBron fans, Jordan fans, Russell fans, and Kobe fans. They are for Brady people, and for Montana people, Jim Brown people or Emmitt Smith people. They are for Babe Ruth people, and for Willie Mays people. My LovePrints are for Ali people, Tyson people. Louis people, and Marciano people. My LovePrints are for Ric Flair people, Bruno Sammartino people, The Rock people, and Dusty Rhodes people.

My LovePrints are for hip hop people, classic rock people, heavy metal people, classical music people, and reggae people. They are for Richard Pryor people, Robin Williams people, Lenny Bruce people, Joan Rivers people, and Dave Chappelle people. My LovePrints are for horror movie people, Romantic Comedy people, Documentary people, and Indie film people. My LovePrints are for Weird Al people, Emo Phillips people, Judy Tenuta people, and Lisa Lampanelli people. My LovePrints are for Obama fans, Trump fans, Hilary fans, and Reagan fans.

My LovePrints are for people who watch Empire, and those who watch Power. They are for those who love Star Trek, and those who love Lord of the Rings. They are for people who love The Wizard of Oz, and those who love The Wiz. They are for people who watch American Idol, and those who never have. They are for those tattooed, and those who are not. They are for vegans, and they are for Keto meal fans. They are for marijuana smokers and they are for cigarette smokers too. They are for Budweiswer drinkers, and Guinness drinkers too. My LovePrints are for In and Out experts, and they are for Whataburger fans. They are for Taylor Swift fans, Kayne West fans, and Dixie Chicks fanatics.

My LovePrints are for Duke people, UNLV people, Syracuse people, and Georgetown people. Ivy league and HBCU. SEC and ACC. Big Ten and Pac 12. Yankees and Red Sox. Cats and Dogs,  Blue Collar and White Collar. Fox News and CNN. MTV and VH1. Rich and Poor. Gay and Straight. Tall and Short. Black and White. Male and Female, and everything not listed. Everyone here, and everyone not here.

This is my declaration. This is my invitation. If you witness me not honoring this, tell me. If my words do not match this, tell me. If my actions do not match this, tell me. I will honor this. That is my promise. That is my word. My actions will be connected to my words.

Feel free to join me. Feel free to share.

If you are reading this, consider yourself loved. Consider yourself love, and loved.

Go. Cover the planet in love.

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LovePrints. USA Football. Love, one play, one rep, at a time.


Action in love. Love in action.

A Saturday morning in San Antonio, Texas. Hundreds of young athletes, hundreds of parents, and a few dozen coaches, all giving up a weekend morning for something or someone they love. All connected by a game, all connected by ambition, and all connected by the colors. Red, white, and blue. All for the game we love. Football. USA Football.

The young people love the game so much that they gave up a free weekend to give themselves a chance to be better at it. They put down their cell phones, disconnected from social media, and they turned off their televisions for a chance to participate in a game that adds character, strength, inclusion, and love. Love of self, others, and something bigger than themselves. Love of a game that can take them places they have never even dreamed of. For colors that when at their best, loves them back.

The young people trusted the process, engaged with their new brothers, competed at a higher level, and gave themselves a mirror to measure themselves in. They were joined by parents who work hard to provide these opportunities, provide the gear to train in, the transportation and meals, plus the encouragement needed. These parents sit in the Texas sun, strain their eyes searching for their young ones, and cheer like crazy before, during, and after the plays are made. And, when they are not made.

The coaches give up time from their own families to add to, help with, and teach these young people. They love the game enough to add to its possibilities, and to pass on their knowledge to others. These coaches understand that the game deserves love, respect, and a showcase, so they provide it all in their own individual and collective labors of love.

USA Football has done an exceptional job in organizing these camps and games. They have included international development deals with other countries, who have all embraced this American game and added their own love to it. From all parts of the USA, families choose to find and make time to include themselves in this game, this process, this adventure. Many college and NFL players have come through this program, and have shown that when the stars and stripes are earned, they are worn with pride and honor. Earn your stars is more than football. It is a wonderful bit of direction, a call to arms, and a celebration of who we are, and who we want to be.

I love looking in the eyes of these young football players. That glow, that sparkle in their eyes come from deep down within them. It is about the country, the game, and themselves. They know that the honor can’t be given, it must be earned. When you earn your stars, you also earn a bit more pride in yourself. That is a powerful thing.

Here’s to USA Football. Earn your stars.

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LovePrints. Stoneman Douglas High School Bracelets. A thank you…

Thank you.

Any action in love is thanks worthy. Any love in action deserves praise.

Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

Watching the students and staff of Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida go through the horrific shooting, my heart was aching. My spirit was suffering, and I needed to rally. I needed to go to the one thing and place that heals and strengthens me. I went to love.

I did not want to have the same discussions and debates. They do not accomplish anything. I needed to act, and I needed to act in love. One of the constants of LovePrints is “action in love, love in action.” I wanted to do something. I needed to do something. What to do? What to do?

“A heart is love. Hands are action. Separately, love without action does not accomplish much, and action without love does not accomplish good at all. Together, they can accomplish anything and everything grand.”

My brain and heart searched collectively for something that would matter. I wanted it to be inclusive. There was a second of fear that no one else would care, but since I choose to chase fear away with love, that did not last long. I decided to send hugs. I decided to send love. I decided to send a reminder to the people of Stoneman Douglas that would say that people care. We care.

We have never met the people of Stoneman Douglas High School, but we know them. We are them. We never let those we care about stand alone. We never let them feel like no one cares. I decided to reach out to my friends to see what they thought. What I found out was amazing.

They cared.

Grand empowering comes from love and unity. Go! Let’s! Yes!

They also understood. They also wanted to send love and hugs. They also wanted to act in love. They decided to love out loud.

I started a GofundMe account to pay for the creation of LovePrints bracelets with the school name on it. There are 3000 students and 500 teachers, staffs, and other. I wanted to send each of them a bracelet. Each bracelet serves as a hug, as love, and as a reminder. They matter. We care. They are loved. We love.

4000 bracelets are on their way to Stoneman Douglas High School. The Principal and his assistants will make sure that each person affiliated with the school receives one. Inside the box is a note that simply says “You are strong. You are loved.”

To every person who donated, thank you. No matter how much, it matters. It is a beautiful statement that no one is alone. It is a powerful thing to act in love. I am in tears typing this because each of you restores my faith that we are the decent and loving souls that we say that we are. We are strong. We are loving. We are good.

Your love is powerful. Your action is strong. Your love in action is a LovePrint that for one day will cover the people of Stoneman Douglas High School in love. You did that. You covered them in love!

Thank you!

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LovePrints. Bracelets for the staff and students of Stoneman Douglas High School


We all know the story. What I would like to do is send a LovePrints bracelet to the staff and students of Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida. There are approximately 3000 students and 200 teachers and staff.  I would like to do this immediately so that the bracelets are there as they head back to school.

LovePrints has the motto Cover the world in love. We can do with Love in Action, and by action in love. This small gesture is an act of love, out loud. A small statement that someone cares about them. A reminder on those tough coming days that when they look down at their wrist, they know that they are not alone.

Let the bracelets be a statement and a symbol that love lives here, wherever the bracelets are.

It takes so very little to do so much. We cannot do everything, but we can do something.

Every single penny of your donation will go to bracelets. I will be sure to let you know how many we sent, and when.

Feel free to share this. No donation is too large or small.
Thank you.

Derrick Pearson

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LovePrints 168. “I do not have the time.” Yes, you do. We all do.

168. 24 hours a day. 7 days a week.
We all have the same amount of time to accomplish everything we need to. The 4.0 student and the 2.0 student have the same amount of time. The CEO and their employees all have the same 168. The mom, dad, and child all have the same 168. It is what they do with and in their 168 that determines who they are. It also determines how they got there.
The greatest excuse for not getting things done is “I simply do not have the time.” The time is there. Its whats done with your time that matters. Once the priority is determined, directing time to it is easy. Imagine trying to drive somewhere without having the address, it is far more difficult to get there without it. No GPS can help you get anywhere without a destination.
The 168 program has several ways to help you as teachers, parents, students, and coaches. It simplifies the process, makes talking about it easier, and removes the chaos of last minute homework issues, project delays, unfinished assignments, and lack of communication between the student and the adults that love them.
I recently spoke to a team of players, coaches, and parents. I asked them all if they had spent more time together talking to each other about academics or dating. Academics or music. Academics or television. A silence took over the room. What you give time to becomes the priority. What you ignore, fades. The 168 allows the adults to talk to the students in an informed, productive, and positive way.
What do you talk to your students about?
Use your 168 wisely. Make sure that there is room for love.
Enjoy the video. More information on the website. WWW. LOVEPRINTS.US
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LovePrints Gift Shopping Sale T-shirts, Mugs, Hoodies!

Welcome to the LovePrints Store with LovePrints branded merchandise to be used for teacher/coach appreciation, thank you’s, sports teams, family reunions, team bonding, school groups, and more! You can browse and order merchandise featuring the new logo.

LovePrints(TM), the logo, is  the positive engine to make Parents, Teachers, Administrators, Leaders, Mentors, Coaches, and young people aware of the power their love has on their community, team, school, home, family, church, and environment. Wearing or using LovePrints branded apparel and accessories allows you to Love Out Loud and be a part of this engine, while letting others know you provide a safe place for them to connect with a kindred soul.

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