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LovePrints everywhere! Cover the world in love!

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Kelly Fickes-Athletic Trainer, Cross Fit Athlete gives insight to her “Why?” and her LovePrints

Kelly Fickes  on some of the issues faced as an athletic trainer, and the reason why she does what she does. These professionals are vital to the growth, safety, wellness, and health of our student athletes. They are important voices and teachers, and they provide information to coaches, administrators, athletes, and their parents.  They put in long hours, and their knowledge of the athletes and their condition keeps every athletic program functioning and safe. Their LovePrints are everywhere. Thank you!

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Coach DPism’s – what’s that you say?

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Coach DP’s Study Program – making a difference

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Study Habits

One of the missions of Love Prints is to assist in the mentoring of students, parents, and teachers. A simple means to successful studying is in knowing how the student learns, how the teacher communicates, and what the parental expectations are. Not all students study the same way, learn the same way, or process information the same way. Within our programs is a study program that connects the student, teacher, and parents in a way that keeps all parties informed and unified in the tasks at hand. All parties on the same path, with the same goal, and with shared IQ about what that goal and plans are.

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Practice Habits

Practice habits are unique to the individual putting in the work. I have found over the years that identifying what motivates a study or practice habit, determines the success of that habit. If it is based on a short term known goal, it will have short term success. If it has long term goals as its motivation, it will have long term type successes. If there is no goal, long or short term, there likely will be no success. Setting practice habits in line with long term goals, generally covers short term successes without making them the focus, they cover those successes.
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