Florida State University wide receiver Travis Rudolph reminds us that no one should eat alone


Travis Rudolph, a star wide receiver for Florida State University’s football team, gave us all a reminder of why we are here, and what the best in us can do. Connection. Rudolph, who was one of several Seminoles players to visit a middle school, noticed a young man sitting and having lunch all by himself. Rudolph decided to do what we all should do, he went over to introduce himself to the young man, and have lunch with him. As it turns out, the young man’s mother saw them together and took a picture, which has gone viral. What jumps out to me is that this is so rare that we notice it. It should be the norm. It should be the thing. Be present. Be connected. Be there for each other.

As a coach, I ask my players to be aware of the fact that they are not anonymous. People see them. And with that thing, they need to be worthy of being known. Use if for something good, so that you can do something good with it. Be love out loud. Hold a door. Assist in whatever task you can be helpful in. Do more than you have to, more often than you have to, for whomever you can. Make the next thing that you cross paths with better than when you found it. Leave your space better than it was, leave with more friends than you came with, and exit with more love than you arrived with.

Thank you, Mr. Rudolph. We needed the reminder of how powerful we can be. How loving we can be. The task is now ours to move on. I see you.

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