Friday July 28, 2017 LovePrints! Cover your world in love!

It will be my 55th birthday, and some of you know that the past year has been eventful. Among the personal health scares, family losses, ridiculous blessings, victories, and love, LOVEPRINTS was born and launched. Each day of the past 356 have been a constant and consistent reminder to love more, fear less, and to love out loud. The mission to cover the world, our world, your world, in love, has been a daily task. July 28th will be a day of unified love. And, LovePrints.


It does not require that you be anywhere other than where you are. It does not require that you send me a gift.

I simply ask that you love out loud today. One at a time. Each one, loving one.

One action in love. One love in action.


You have over two weeks from today to join in and participate.

Here’s how:

If you have some LovePrints apparel, wear it and share it.

If you do not have any, make some, wear it, and share it.

If you want some official bracelets, stickers, shirts, hats, or other, go to the website and buy some, wear it, and share it.


You can buy for yourself, your family, your friends, your loved ones, or strangers. Do it. And then share it.

You can choose anyone at all to cover in love. Just share it.

You can use this day to mend scars, build a bridge, resolve a problem, or to make new friends.

You can simply tell someone that you care, and this will be there when you aren’t able to be there.

You can send a smile, offer a hug, or shake hands.

Remember, a LovePrint is a hand and a heart working together.

A hand working without love may not create something good.

A heard with no hands may not accomplish much.

Together, they can accomplish anything.


My hope is that we can spend one day caring and sharing. One day of letting people know that they matter, we care, and here is a reminder.

My hope is that we can move closer to the better in us, of us. One act of love at a time. One love in action at a time.

You can do more than once, more than one day, or share as many as possible.

Remember, cover the world in love. 

We deserve it.


That would make this the best birthday ever.



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