Hurricane Harvey. Houston LovePrints

Love in action. Action in love. Make the next thing better. Leave the next place better than you found it. Leave the next person better because of you. Love out loud. Go.

Action without love does not accomplish much good. Love without action does not accomplish much at all. Together, they can accomplish anything. This is the definition of LovePrints. The heart and the hand working together to cover the planet in love.

After a week under the clouds of Hurricane Harvey, I can tell you that examples of LovePrints are everywhere. Individuals and groups actioning in love to help their brother, strangers, children, families, and anyone who is in need. To see men and women volunteer, often at their own risk, to help absolute and complete strangers. To see these people rally to ease the burdens and pains of the victims of this horrific disaster makes me hopeful. It makes me believe in the greater good in all of us. I saw the amazing strength of the human spirit. The power of love in action.

I can not say enough about the first responders who put themselves in the direct path of harms way. To see the rescues up close, time after time, neighborhood after neighborhood, boat after boat, house after house, family after family, and person after person. To see order restored to chaos, calm within the storm, and direction for the loss and disoriented. To see the connection between businesses and the people in the communities who stopped doing business to care about people. To see the politicians get out front and actually be in leadership mode gave me faith in the people in those positions rather than the policy of those people. I stand impressed in our volunteer capabilities. No gain, just help. No reason other than being able to help. Together rather than alone. Thank any and all who donated time, money, clothes, resources, and love. Bravo.

My hope is that we can continue to cover those near us in love without there being a need for chaos to initiate it. I hope that we realize that love in action is greater than fear in action. I hope that we realize that we need to act out for those around us, in love. That is why we are here. To be love, and loved.

For the residents of Houston, I say thank you for the love. I say thank you for the action. I say thank you for love in action, and the action in love.

Here’s to covering Houston in love. And staying covered in love, by action.

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