Hurricane Harvey. Leave your LovePrints on it.

Love in Action. Action in love.

Hands and hearts working together.

The worst things bring out the best in the best of us. Those moments shine bright on what we are capable of. They shine bright on the possibilities of what we can be. The potential in who we are.

Sitting in Hurricane Harvey has allowed me to think, observe, and notice. I have witnessed the smallness of us all when compared to the power and glory of Mother Nature. We often forget to stand in witness of the world until the world demands that we do so. We also forget to show how strong and loving we can be. The vastness of our love of one another when absolutely needed. The beauty of our togetherness when we forget to allow petty differences to matter.

I watched the stories of strangers reaching out to strangers in need. I watched friends reach out to long lost friends just to make sure that things were good. I heard stories of people going outside of their comfort zones to insure the safety of those at risk, and I have seen political rhetoric dropped in order to help anyone and everyone in need.

A loveprint is just an act of love. It is a reminder of the love in us, and the love around us. It reminds us the ability to make things better for others, and the desire for them to know that they are never alone. LovePrints is the blanket, the dry clothes, the bottle of water, the meal to the needy, and the hug to say that everything will be alright. LovePrints are the answered calls, the thoughtful text, the donation to help, and the standing in the food line collecting food for those hungry souls who lost their place. LovePrints is the smile of a stranded storm victim when the first responder arrives. It is the arms wrapped around the child who simply can not get to safety without help, or the animal who finds safety away from the comfort of home. It is the sandwich delivered to the fire department, the waving angel telling another to come on in, and it’s the art and action of sharing what you have, even if it isn’t much, with someone who has lost everything.

Leave your loveprints, wherever you are, for whoever needs it, with whatever you have, as much as you can. It is who we are, and what we do. It is the best in us, of us. It is why we are here, and who we are here for.

Love was here before Harvey. It will be here through Harvey. It will be here after Harvey.

We are love. And, loved.

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