LovePrints. 10 Greatest and most important plays in Washington Redskins History

Important franchise plays.

In the 80 + years that Washington has had an NFL team, there have been legends born, history made, and championships won. I will try to select ten plays that stand out above the rest. Ten plays that left larger imprints on the franchise than any of the others. Ten plays that jump immediately to mind, and warm the heart of Redskins Nation. In some cases, the fan can see the play, hear the play, and tell you where they were when it happened. These are not the most memorable plays, because I am limiting them to games that were big games won. I will include some of those plays in the top ten most memorable plays in Redskins history. Due to their importance, only one play from any one game. (I am only including plays from my lifetime)

Let’s start with those plays that were important, and memorable, but just missed the top ten.

Joe Washington TD pass from Joe Theismann vs Oakland Raiders

Sean Taylor fumble return TD vs Tampa.

Joe Theismann block vs Giants on Joe Washington td run.

Mark Brunell TD pass to Santana Moss Monday Night Football.

Clinton Portis td run on first carry as Redskin vs Tampa.

Robert Griffin III TD run vs Vikings

Alfred Morris TD run vs Dallas SNF

Sean Taylor fumble recovery vs Dallas FG’

Darrell Green chases down Dickerson

Darrell Green pass deflection vs Vikings

Gerald Riggs TD vs Falcons (Seat cushion game)

Reed TD vs Eagles from Cousins

A reminder: One per game. Must be from a win. I tried to keep the top ten to one play per player.


  1. Moseley GW FG vs Giants for streak record 1982 . Game winner in the snow to set consecutive made field goal record.

  1. Art Monk Reception record vs Broncos on Monday Night Football. Monk in motion for the record.

8,           Alvin Garrett TD from Theismann (Fun Bunch) Playoff win vs Lions and the birth of a movement.

  1. Charley Taylor TD pass vs Dallas in NFC title game. Made a great collectable in the paper and on shirts.

  1. Gary Clark TD from Rypien Superbowl Buffalo. The clincher in the dome. Capped by the classic G Money end zone spin celebration.

5. Ken Houston tackle of Walt Garrison vs Dallas MNF. A late night in DC, and Houston sweeps Garrett off his feet at the goal line.

  1. Darrell Green Return TD vs Bears NFC Title game. Frozen. Injured ribs. Epic return with a hurdle to cap it.

  1. Darryl Grant TD vs Dallas NFC title game. Manley with the hit. World with the hands and end zone dance.

  1. Doug Williams to Ricky Sanders TD Superbowl. Down 10-0, and “Where is Ricky Sanders?” became a thing.

1            Riggins TD run vs Dolphins Superbowl. Riggonomics was born. Walker. Didier. Wonsley join the Hogs and lead the way to glory.

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