LovePrints- An act of love. A love in action. Happy Birthday love, Denise Pons

Great people make great friends. Great friends make great people.

Action in Love. Love in action.

Read that again please. In our lives, we are introduced to people who are put there to make us better at being us. Better at being better. These people love from such a deep place that every single time you interact with them, you leave them more loved than you were. More loving than you were. These people love in a way that makes you want to love more, love better, and be loved.

We all have our purposes. We all have our paths. When we know our purposes, and paths, we are then free to love out loud. We are allowed to be open and sharing in our love, adding light to all of those people that we cross paths with. Those special people alter those paths to be more like theirs. More love. More loving. More.

On my birthday this year, I asked that instead of gifts for me, I wanted people to share their love with others. This is not new. Every year, Denise asks for the same thing. It is free. It is powerful. It is amazing. It is love. Go, she says. Love. Others, and yourself.

Today is her birthday. What does she want? What does she ask for? What is the thing that she requires over all other things? Love. For anyone. For everyone. For the next one. For yourself.

One of the happiest days for me in recent years was finding out that she had found her forever love, and would marry and begin that life with him. This brought me tremendous amounts of happiness. We all deserve love, but I was rooting hard for Denise to find someone worthy of that love, capable of that love, and a persona in that love. Hunter, we have not met, but I have cheered for you. I have rooted you on. I have said thank you for you.

A loveprint is covering those in your world with love so that when you are apart, they remember that they are loved. Loveprints are the gift that keeps on giving. It is covering our loved ones so much in love that anyone that comes in contact with them are covered by that love. I am covered in hers. I hope that she is now covered in mine.

Denise, my dear, Happy Birthday. Keep in living. Keep on loving.

From one DP to another, and back. Love you.


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One comment on “LovePrints- An act of love. A love in action. Happy Birthday love, Denise Pons
  1. Denise Pons says:

    Love you DP – what a beautiful birthday moment. What a tremendous birthday gift your friendship is

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