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Answer me this:

If you spent 140 weekends on academics, could you achieve almost any academic standard? Earn an academic scholarship?

If you spent 140 weekends studying one hour vs the 4-8 hours spent playing games, wouldn’t you earn your way into college?

If you saved and invested the $150,000 it takes to coach, travel, fee up, equip, and support youth sports, rather than pay for play , wouldn’t you say both your bank account and academic bank be fuller?

I am not against the business of youth sports. Make your money coaches. What I am asking is to consider another way. Consider using your money to pay for college. Or use your time to pursue the 98 percent chance off the field rather than the 2 percent on. Consider time spent on the better chance rather than the rare chance. Education and knowledge are proven life enhancers. Sports can provide opportunities to further education. Sports can provide lessons outside of the classroom. What I would suggest is that if you aren’t 7 feet tall, or run a 4.2 40 yard dash, or jump through the ceiling, or have a 95 mph fastball, or fingertips made of glue, maybe, just maybe, you can put time and money into your brain.

If you use those years between ages 10-17 to improve academically, you will probably get the paid for college opportunity you dream of. If not, you will still have all of the money you put into travel ball, coaching, and tournaments. Those 140 weekends are important. Those $150,000 are important too. Important enough to consider using them both more wisely, and for the greater good.

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