LovePrints. Iowa Hawkeyes Football & Childrens Hospital

Love in action. Action in love. Love Out Loud. Loving and Learning through sports. These are the constants of LovePrints. Make the next thing you touch better than when you found it. Leave the next person you interact with covered in love. This is LovePrints.

The Iowa Hawkeyes have a long tradition when it comes to football. From the players who have gone on to play successfully in the NFL, to big time bowl game appearances, to legendary coaches, Iowa has carved out a wonderful niche in collegiate football. Add to that their most recent tradition. Each person, fan or player, Hawkeyes or opponent, band member or cheerleader, coach or official, everyone in the stadium stands at the end of each first quarter and turns and waves to the Childrens Hospital next to the stadium. In that moment, love will be shared, and it will be my new favorite football tradition. It will be the entirety of Kinnick Stadium, 75,000 people strong, all sharing themselves and their game day with young people. And the young people will share themselves back. What I can tell you is that no matter who they are playing, at the end of the first quarter of their home games, I will be standing and waving with the 75,000 plus at Kinnick.

Here’s to the home game Kid Captains of the Hawkeyes. Here’s to each and every fan at Kinnick. Here’s to us all.

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