Loveprints. Long Time Coming. A Sneak Preview.

Long Time Coming is a film the takes us all back to 1955, Orlando, Florida. It tells the story of two 12 year old baseball teams who are participating in the Little League tournament for the right to advance to the Little League World Series. It also checks back in with those teams today, where they are, who they are, and what they believe. In between, the young men show strength and wisdom, they show the better in us, and they show once again that the young people can often get it right, even when some of the adults dont. It shows that learning and loving through sports is a constant. Sports can show us parts of ourselves in ways that other parts of society cant. If and when we are wise, we get smarter, we get better.


Inside this jewel of a film, the people expose themselves to us, and often to themselves. They are open in what they recall as absolute truth, and what they believe to be true. We get side by side truth telling, often at polar extremes, and we get to see some of our own selves in it. We see the adults, often missing the point. We see hearts open, minds closed, and opinions offered. Throughout the film, we see where it went wrong, how it got right, and where the hope for us all lives. In truth, we can fix whatever ails us. In being present, being open, and being honest, we can grow together, know together, and love together.

I wont spoil the finish. I will just say that it was never about the game. It was about the journey to the game, the journey since the game, and the people who found themselves because of the game. I hope that you find some new loving piece of yourself in this as well. I certainly did.


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