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Love in action.

It is not your feelings that matter, nor is it your opinion. It is not your thoughts that matter, nor is it your wants. Those things can be important, but they are not the thing. Those things have value, but they require something else. Something more.

They require action. They require love.

In these days of 24-hour news cycles, constant airing of opinions, and a flood of loud and noisy voices, what moves us in any direction is action. What moves us in a better and higher direction is love. So many people want to be know first, speak first, and be heard first. Those are all fine and good, but they aren’t alone enough and great. What is needed to give the most recent thing value is the action that follows the news. Yes, we need to look, listen, and learn. We then need to act. We need to see what is and move towards it or away from it. We need to see well and clear enough to understand what is, and what isn’t, and then go. We need to hear what is, decipher what is not, and then proclaim the truth out loud in our next step. We need to make sure that our opinions are fact based, and love focused.

I slipped the love in there on purpose. See no evil. Speak no evil. Hear no evil. Forward no lies. Act in love.

It should be see the truth, speak the truth, hear the truth. All of those give value to them. All of those highlight purpose. Love can do that.

Once we know the truth, we can then act on it. We can then move in it. The most important thing immediately following something new should be an action of love. Without them, we accomplish nothing. We idle. Love does not idle. It moves. It elevates. It inspires. It improves.

Once we know the truth, we can then act on it. We can then move in it.

Once we know love, we can then act in it. We can then move in it.

Our mission should be to cover our world in love. We can do so by taking the truth and acting on it with love. For love. Because, love.

As they saying goes, “don’t talk about it, be about it”.

Do not just listen, speak, or hear the news. Act on it. Love.

Love without action does not accomplish much, and action without love does not accomplish anything good. Together, they can accomplish anything.

That is your LovePrint. Covering the last thing, and the next thing, in love.



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