LovePrints. My LovePrints are for everyone.



An act of love. Love in action. Action in love.

This is my declaration. I do this not to be better than anyone else. I do this to be better than I was. I do this to be the best version of me forward. You are welcomed to join me in covering us all in love.

One act at a time, one person at a time. Each action a purposeful gift of self and love.

My LovePrints are for everyone. My LovePrints are for anyone. My LovePrints are for you. No one is excluded. No one is disconnected. No one is exempt. You are all included. You are all invited.

My LovePrints are for everyone. Republicans. Democrats. Independents and Progressives. They are for Christians and Islamic, Mormon and Jewish, Buddhists and Atheists. My LovePrints are for New York fans, Washington fans, Houston fans, and even Dallas fans.  My LovePrints are for BYU and Utah, Army and Navy, Air Force and the Marine Corp. My LovePrints are for USC and UCLA, Florida and Florida State, Kentucky and Louisville. Caps fans, Penguins fans, Red Wings fans, and Flyers fans. They are for boxing fans and UFC fans too. They are for Man U fans, and they are for Liverpool fans as well.

My LovePrints are for LeBron fans, Jordan fans, Russell fans, and Kobe fans. They are for Brady people, and for Montana people, Jim Brown people or Emmitt Smith people. They are for Babe Ruth people, and for Willie Mays people. My LovePrints are for Ali people, Tyson people. Louis people, and Marciano people. My LovePrints are for Ric Flair people, Bruno Sammartino people, The Rock people, and Dusty Rhodes people.

My LovePrints are for hip hop people, classic rock people, heavy metal people, classical music people, and reggae people. They are for Richard Pryor people, Robin Williams people, Lenny Bruce people, Joan Rivers people, and Dave Chappelle people. My LovePrints are for horror movie people, Romantic Comedy people, Documentary people, and Indie film people. My LovePrints are for Weird Al people, Emo Phillips people, Judy Tenuta people, and Lisa Lampanelli people. My LovePrints are for Obama fans, Trump fans, Hilary fans, and Reagan fans.

My LovePrints are for people who watch Empire, and those who watch Power. They are for those who love Star Trek, and those who love Lord of the Rings. They are for people who love The Wizard of Oz, and those who love The Wiz. They are for people who watch American Idol, and those who never have. They are for those tattooed, and those who are not. They are for vegans, and they are for Keto meal fans. They are for marijuana smokers and they are for cigarette smokers too. They are for Budweiswer drinkers, and Guinness drinkers too. My LovePrints are for In and Out experts, and they are for Whataburger fans. They are for Taylor Swift fans, Kayne West fans, and Dixie Chicks fanatics.

My LovePrints are for Duke people, UNLV people, Syracuse people, and Georgetown people. Ivy league and HBCU. SEC and ACC. Big Ten and Pac 12. Yankees and Red Sox. Cats and Dogs,  Blue Collar and White Collar. Fox News and CNN. MTV and VH1. Rich and Poor. Gay and Straight. Tall and Short. Black and White. Male and Female, and everything not listed. Everyone here, and everyone not here.

This is my declaration. This is my invitation. If you witness me not honoring this, tell me. If my words do not match this, tell me. If my actions do not match this, tell me. I will honor this. That is my promise. That is my word. My actions will be connected to my words.

Feel free to join me. Feel free to share.

If you are reading this, consider yourself loved. Consider yourself love, and loved.

Go. Cover the planet in love.

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