LovePrints- A thank you to heroes

Love in action. Action in love.

Love out loud.

The idea of LovePrints is simply covering the world in love. Covering those in your path in so much love that nothing else can stick. Covering others in so much love that they have to take their love and your love, and cover others in it. One act at a time. Repeated.

A perfect example of this is todays heroes. The Woodlands Central Firemen. Chief Alan Benson, Lt. Jason Hansberger, Firefighters and Paramedics Adrian Dinges, Tyler Knutson, and Richard Reeg, Pat Bradley, and their team of partners in service are shining examples of heroes. They rally for the local residents in need, and in my case, saved my life.

A year ago, I had spinal fusion surgery. The day after I was released from the hospital, I was using my walker to move around as instructed by the doctors when I realized that something was wrong. I sat on the edge of my bed, and while I put on a sleeping mask, my wife called 911.

They arrived at our new neighborhood in minutes, calming me, my wife, and quickly got me together and on the way to the hospital. Quickly. Calmly. Together. They talked me through it, assuring me, and putting me at complete ease. Before I knew it, that had me on the wagon and in the doctors and nurses hands for help and diagnosis.

A few months later, I made a point to track them down. I was told that due to privacy rules, they are often in the dark about how the people they rescue turn out. Having blood clots and a saddle embolism put me on the extreme end of probable outcomes. Because they did everything they could, I am still here. I made a point to track them down. I showed up at the firehouse after trying three other firehouses, and I had found the right place. The right heroes. I took them some treats wrapped in hugs. I promised to return.

Today, I returned. I brought them enough food for three days. Steak, chicken, burgers, potatoes, corn, and fruits. I even had some brownies thrown in just in case. If I gave them more, it would not be enough. They gathered around and let me talk. I thanked them. If I thanked them a thousand times, it would not be enough. I tried.

I gave each of them a LovePrints bracelet for themselves. I gave each of them a second one for anyone that they cared about, or someone they crossed paths with who was having a tougher day than they were. Pictures, handshakes, and hugs later, I left them. I took a moment to gather myself as tears rolled down my cheek. I looked back, and then up, and said several more thanks.

The next time you get a moment, say thank you to those people who give of themselves for us all. Those first responders, live savers, caretakers, rescuers, and heroes. Those who make tough situations better. Those who answer when you call to do just what you need for things to be better.

Do not wait. You know what to do. They deserve it. You deserve it. You both will feel better once you do.



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