LovePrints What will they say about you?

Love in action. Action in love.

Love Out Loud.

What will be said about you when you are not able to listen? What will be told as a truth when you are not around to agree or disagree? Does it matter?

I speak of love out loud. The concept is simply the act of choosing to celebrate love of someone, love of a condition, love of an environment, or love of a moment. It is the raising of glasses, cheering in unison, the united action of hands together for a cause, the lifting of people to a better place, and the standing for something good, together.

That last like speaks volumes. It simply shows the value of a thing, the power of that thing, and the reason why that thing matters. It is the reason why, the reason how, and the goal defined and achieved. It is the beauty witnessed, the glory known, and the chorus of YES!

What we hope is said about us before, now, and then is that we achieved. We hope that it is said that our curiosities were pursued, they became questions, which became, tests and experiments, which became answers, which became knowledge.

We hope that our situations met doubts which met opportunities, which became labor and onto effort and successes. We hope that hunger became desire, which became motivation, which became ambition, which turned to drive. Drive fell in love with repetition, which took residence in winning.

We hope that lesson after lesson after lesson, became victory after win, after glorious win. We hope that it matters not what the trial was, we were asked for the truth and told it, no matter the feelings of those hearing it who wanted an untruth to be told. We hope that each truth is told, and that it is good enough for everyone, especially ourselves.

When we are done, and voices are raised to speak on our time and lives togethers, We hope to be the energy in a room full of more answers than questions, more knowledge than doubt, more achievements that failures, and more love than fear.

Let that be the story that is told about us. LOVE. Let it be said that in all of the winning an successes, and actions, that they all were LOVE. LOVE based, LOVE experienced, and LOVE knowing.

Go on the daily to tell your story. Speak on the love in it, out loud. Stand to joyfully shout about it. And then remain standing to receive the love in numbers coming back to you. You deserve its. It deserves you.

We deserve them both.

In love,

Coach DP.

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