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I'm truly thankful for the story that was told on ESPN. I believe a lot of people got a chance to hear and see the real. Challenges will always arise in the life but how we rise in the challenge will show the faith in our lives. I'm a strong believer in God which gives me a great deal of strength within to help battle my internal struggles which we all have. People saw Gods work today! Not everyone may believe in a higher power but when you have faith you believe. I'm thankful to all those who have supported my movement and journey thus far. The true people will always be true through and through you don't need any proof just keep doing you. The people that worked on this piece truly wanted to tell a peace story which is so appreciated. Insight was giving and love was displayed. . Thanks for watching!!! #loveislove #starburymovement #starbury

Posted by Stephon Marbury 3 on Friday, December 23, 2016

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