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LovePrints Smiles Project

LovePrints is the simple idea of adding love whenever and wherever we can. To love out loud. In adding love, we cover those we care in love so that nothing else can stick Each action of love, all love in action.

As a coach, I asked my teams to reach down into their hearts and generate smiles in the places they live. The teams would purposefully go into the schools, neighborhoods, classrooms, hallways, and their own homes with the simple idea of creating smiles wherever they were. Whether it was holding a door open for someone, taking care of an errand for someone else, a kind word for a teammate or even a stranger, these players would generate smiles each day. Some would take over a chore at home that someone else would normally do, or they would learn to do something that someone normally would do for them. They would assist the teachers, help out the custodial staff, or they would go and cheer for a team that they normally wouldn’t support. Each player would write a letter to someone they cared about, and they would share this with their teammates.

For my birthday this year, I do not want gifts. What I am asking is that you simply add love. SHARE YOUR SMILE!

For one day, simply take a picture of you with your Sunday’s best smile, and share it. Post it. Text it. Make it your profile picture, or simply make a post on social media with your smile and the words #smilesproject or #addlove or #loveprints . It wont cost a thing, and wont take up much time. I am smiling at the idea of all the smiles. That is what smiles do. That is what smiles are for. To be shared.

Remember that action without love does not accomplish anything good, and love without action does not accomplish enough, but together, they can accomplish anything.

Feel free to share this. Every birthday party needs more smiles. I hope that the day is filled with love and in that, smiles. Here’s to your smile, and mine.



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LovePrints. From bat boys to men.


LovePrints. From bat boys to men.

When done properly, LovePrints is a mutual exchange of the good in us to another. It is a conscious choice to be active for the better in us. When done properly, everyone is forward on their path, and they are headed up from where they are. In this case, I got to witness the growth of a former bat boy, to an amazing young man.

As a coach and as a man, I wish that I could be everywhere at once. Its just not possible. I have young people all over the globe who are having special events and ceremonies. In spirit, I am at each one, cheering at the top of my lungs. I stand for them in celebration, and I rejoice in their successes. I really wish that I could be at them all. They are all wonderful stories. I thought I would share this one.

I did get to attend one such graduation, and as they are all special, I find myself reflecting once they are over. This family is special. The Walsh family is spectacular in how openly loving they are. Intelligent, brilliant in spirit, worldly, and still familiar. They are joyful and good. Special is the word that most often comes to mind.

I met the young Master Walsh as a bat boy for a high school team in Virginia. When he came to introduce himself to me, he had this smile on his face that let me know that everything I had read about him in the letter of reference was true. He was bright, athletic, and he loved the game of baseball. An odd thing happens when adults are around those type of young people. The adult grows. I had simple tasks for myself as a coach, and the top of them is to keep the young peoples smiles bright. Don’t screw it up. Add to. Love him. Pretty simple.

He was my worker bee. He was on top of the drills, he participated in the practices, he was a wonderful addition during games, and he paid attention to what I said and did. For a coach, the part about paying attention is big. I need to make sure that my actions are good for him. Do they make him better? Do they help him? Is it good?

I never got to coach him as a varsity player. We both moved from Virginia to Texas, and as fate would have it, the same community. He attended a public school while I coached at a private one, but we stayed in touch. I got to hear about his task of making new friends in a college sized public school, his decisions on playing ball or singing, his eyes toward college and everything that came to mind.

He had an issue with his transfer from Virginia, and the 4.0 GPA system in Virginia created problems in the 5.0 Texas GPA system, so he had some serious work to do to reach academics levels to go where he wanted for college. We talked about the process and his struggles, which to me were landmarks and successes. He would come and walk with me. Those walks let me know that no matter what was put in front of him, his family had prepared him for it. He was going to be fine. He was going to be exceptional. He already was.

I was invited to attend his graduation with his family, and I felt extremely proud watching the evening move along. My bat boy had become a man. He had found a way to excel. He had found a way to shine. Let me tell you this, in a night of stars, his shine was as bright as any other. I got to listen to his family, and I certainly have a great understanding of how this happens. Great families make great people. Great people make great families. This is true for the Walsh family.

Congratulations, to you and your graduates, no matter where they are graduating from. Well done., parents. Well done, students. Well done, teachers. Well done, coaches.

Congratulations, Mr. Walsh. The University of Texas will be better because you will be there. They can’t be ready for you, because you are ready for them. Go and be epic. I will be here, cheering.

Just don’t lock your keys in the car. Mom can’t be there in ten minutes.

Thank you for your LovePrints. I expect to see them all over Austin, Texas.

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LovePrints. “I “vs. “Us”. “Me” vs. “We”. We are the answer.

LovePrints is leaving love wherever we are. Making each thing better than we found it. One person at a time. One act at a time. Cover each thing in love, so that nothing else can stick.

“I “vs. “Us”. “Me” vs. “We”.

We have the greatest country on the planet. We built it to last. To do so, we must remember the “we” part. Th “us” part is incredibly important to our thriving and surviving. Together, we can solve any problem, we can fix any issues, and we can collectively thrive. Less me. More we. I am a part of us. We are better when we think of us rather than ourselves.

When school shootings happen, we zealots do harm, we ask what’s wrong with THEM. We should ask “what’s wrong with us?” That will get us closer to the truth. THEY only do what WE allow, teach, and celebrate. Let’s change the base element of the problems and how they are addressed. HE is one of US. We must remember this. It will help us heal.

When someone takes a weapon and does harm, it is not a THEY problem. When a child takes a gun in hand and injures someone, WE have failed. WE have an issue. WE need to fix it. WE need to accept responsibility. WE must remove blame and move to ownership. THEY are ours. WE need to do better.

If there is a problem in the community, its up to all of us to own it and handle it. Remove the finger pointing, eliminate the name calling, and let us all get to work to right the wrong. WE aren’t whole if one of us, some of us, aren’t connected, considered, and loved. The truth is, no community is whole if it does not consider its unhealthy and needy as a part of its function. No family can leave its children alone to raise themselves. Its not one THEM. Its on US.

No one in our house can be unloved. No one in our community should feel disconnected. No one in our schools should feel alone. No one in our circle should feel as if they are not one of us.  Not one of us should labor by themselves. We need to get connected, stay connected, and celebrate the connections. We need to get loved, stay loved, and celebrate the love in us all.

As we have our discussions over what it wrong, what needs fixing, and who is to blame, let’s redirect ourselves to what we can do, what will we do, and how will we do it. What’s wrong with those kids? What is the problem with those people? We need to do something about them. Change them all to serve our greater mission, our greater purpose. What is wrong with OUR kids? What is the problem with OUR people? What will we do for US. We can accomplish anything, together. It is difficult to accomplish anything, apart.

I am a coach. If my teams consisted of selfish players, there is no way to succeed or win.

If there is a problem, it is OUR problem. If there needs to be a solution, WE are the solution.

We need to cover each other in love. That will fix most things. We can make us better.

No more blaming. Own it. We deserve a better us. Together.

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Loveprints. Love is the answer. Go. Love.

Love in action. Action in love. One act at a time. One person at a time.

What is the answer? What will make things better? What will pull us together?


As a coach, as a man, as a speaker, as a mentor, I get to make things better than I found them. I am tasked with standing as the lead energy source in a classroom, a locker room, an auditorium, or a boardroom. I get to set the standard for words in the air, actions of the masses, directions for the day, and for the orders in play. That is a daunting task no matter who you are or what you do. I don’t mind. I look forward to it. I am given a microphone so that whatever I say is amplified. It needs to fill the room. My voice must fill the room. I know what is needed in each of those rooms.


Every family, every business, every boss, every student, every athlete, and every listener that I speak to is its own community. Its their own vacuum. What I put into the vacuum will occupy it, and if done well, will take it over. I  must be careful what energy and message I put into the air. It is powerful. It will gain life and multiply. I must choose one thing as the ultimate thing in my words. What else would I put in the air than this?


I understand that whatever I put into the room will not only occupy the room, but it will cover the people in the room. Whatever it is will leave the room and be taken into other rooms, buildings, and beings. What I release into the room will cover the closest ones, the next ones, and so on. I can choose wisely what I cover the closest one with, because I know it will reach others. That is its purpose. I can choose fear. I can choose hate. I choose not to choose either. I choose love.

How does fear and hate take over a company? A relationship? A team? A community? A school? A home? It requires air and action to do so. It requires acceptance as a norm. It requires repetitive noise. It requires acknowledgement by several connected, empowered people as an option.

How does love take ownership over a person? A relationship? A house? A community? A company? A team? A school? It requires air and action to do so. It requires acceptance as the norm. It requires repetitive noise. It requires acknowledgement by several connected, empowered people as the only option.

Look at us all. What is the norm? What is the accepted and required habit? What have we deemed the only option? There should only be one answer.


I choose to stand in love. I choose to action in love. I choose to love out loud. I choose to do so daily. When chaos happens, slow down, and love. When fear or hate shows up in a hurry, slow it down, and love. When a crossroad is met, act in the direction of love. When there is a question of what to do, how to do it, why we do it, the answer is the same.

Go with love.

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LovePrints. Why do we coach?

Why do we coach?

In every coaching interview that I have ever given or been on, the question has come up in some way or another. Why do you coach? There have been as many answers as interviews, and while some good answers are given, some bad ones are given as well. There might not be a perfect answer, but the coach should have some idea of why they want the job. They should have some idea of why they will succeed at the job. If they don’t know why they want to job, it is unlikely that they know how to be successful at it.

I can’t speak for all coaches. I won’t speak for all coaches. I know why I coach, and there are several reasons. There are some jobs that have winning games as the focus, and there are some that place character as the priority. Some coaching positions are at schools or with teams that don’t care about academics, and some that are faith based. There is a constant for me. I only seek coaching jobs where the focus is known and honored. This is important.

Coaching is love. Coaching is caring. Coaching is teaching. Coaching is support. Coaching is being present. Coaching is being prepared. For me, the first thing is important thing I need to know is why. Why do you need me? Why should I coach with/for you? Why?

I coach out of service. It is an easier space to work in if service is the top priority. I can’t coach and think of myself first. I need to be excited about building something. I need to feel like I am not really working. I need to feel like I’m adding. I need to feel like I am a part of something bigger than myself. I need to know that todays work is a part of the greater process, and that my input is a part of a greater plan. I need to consider those young people I am coaching more than I consider myself. I need to think of them first. Always.

The ability to see the greater version of people is a gift. I can see past flaws and weaknesses. Those are correctable. Those are temporary. It is a blessing to be able to see a diamond when it’s just coal. The diamond is simply waiting for a change of environment to recreate itself in its greater form. It requires pressure and friction, and it requires someone to dust it off and place it in a perfect setting to shine.

I learned long ago that when I coach from this place, everything else that can be a focus is easy. When I remember them first, I take care of the small details. I prepare better. I plan better. I adjust better. I correct better. I teach better. I applaud louder. I love stronger.

When a coaching position opens, ask what the job is. Is it winning? Ask questions. What is winning? What is acceptable standards for winning? What is success? What is the task each day?

I coach to serve. I coach to teach. I coach to remove mistakes. I coach to strengthen. I coach to learn. I coach to share. I coach to win. I coach to love.

The question is, why do you coach?

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LovePrints. One act at a time. Leave more love than was there before you got there.


If I was going to measure my time on this planet, I would hope to be measured by the amount of love I left while I was here. Did I leave each thing more covered in love than I found it? Did I attempt to action in love? Did I make things better? Was I present in my interactions? Did I leave a lasting print of love on the people I meet? Did I love?

The questions are simple. You know the answer when asked. The speaking engagements that I have been honored to speak at have all been opportunities to love more, in word and in action, than ever before. These events put me in a circle of people who may or may not know me. It is my task to add smiles, add hugs, and ultimately, add love. It is my job to close the space in the room. I find that it is easier to do so if I am adding love to that space. It is a labor of love. It is amazing to get into a space and attempt to fill that space with more love, no matter who the people are.. It can be exhausting sharing the energy of any mass of people, but when the energy is love, it is the greatest form of energy. It is the best form of energy. It fills the room the most authentically. It also lasts longer. Love travels well.

Speeches are love out loud. Each time I grab a microphone or take a stage, I feel like I have a responsibility to add happiness. To add love. Each event is an action in love. Each one is love in action. I may not reach everyone, but the ones that I do reach are left better than I found them. That is what love is for.

These photos are from the Unity Day event at the Altria Theater in Richmond. I was invited to give the keynote speech to a room of a thousand people, and I must say that I received more smiles and hugs after the event than any other event I have ever spoken at (because I had access to the people afterwards). It is powerful to put love into the air and watch it take over a space and the people in it. I understand the chemical reaction that performers get in front of a crowd of people. It is a rush, and it changes you for the better.

To have that chemical be love based is the highest level of happiness. A room filled with love and good is a vacuum of that same love. I look forward to the next room filled with love. There is no space that love cannot fill. I will be there, adding love. I hope to see you there!

Thank you, Virginia Department of Transportation for allowing me to add love to your employee’s day. They certainly added love to my day.

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LovePrints. My LovePrints are for everyone.



An act of love. Love in action. Action in love.

This is my declaration. I do this not to be better than anyone else. I do this to be better than I was. I do this to be the best version of me forward. You are welcomed to join me in covering us all in love.

One act at a time, one person at a time. Each action a purposeful gift of self and love.

My LovePrints are for everyone. My LovePrints are for anyone. My LovePrints are for you. No one is excluded. No one is disconnected. No one is exempt. You are all included. You are all invited.

My LovePrints are for everyone. Republicans. Democrats. Independents and Progressives. They are for Christians and Islamic, Mormon and Jewish, Buddhists and Atheists. My LovePrints are for New York fans, Washington fans, Houston fans, and even Dallas fans.  My LovePrints are for BYU and Utah, Army and Navy, Air Force and the Marine Corp. My LovePrints are for USC and UCLA, Florida and Florida State, Kentucky and Louisville. Caps fans, Penguins fans, Red Wings fans, and Flyers fans. They are for boxing fans and UFC fans too. They are for Man U fans, and they are for Liverpool fans as well.

My LovePrints are for LeBron fans, Jordan fans, Russell fans, and Kobe fans. They are for Brady people, and for Montana people, Jim Brown people or Emmitt Smith people. They are for Babe Ruth people, and for Willie Mays people. My LovePrints are for Ali people, Tyson people. Louis people, and Marciano people. My LovePrints are for Ric Flair people, Bruno Sammartino people, The Rock people, and Dusty Rhodes people.

My LovePrints are for hip hop people, classic rock people, heavy metal people, classical music people, and reggae people. They are for Richard Pryor people, Robin Williams people, Lenny Bruce people, Joan Rivers people, and Dave Chappelle people. My LovePrints are for horror movie people, Romantic Comedy people, Documentary people, and Indie film people. My LovePrints are for Weird Al people, Emo Phillips people, Judy Tenuta people, and Lisa Lampanelli people. My LovePrints are for Obama fans, Trump fans, Hilary fans, and Reagan fans.

My LovePrints are for people who watch Empire, and those who watch Power. They are for those who love Star Trek, and those who love Lord of the Rings. They are for people who love The Wizard of Oz, and those who love The Wiz. They are for people who watch American Idol, and those who never have. They are for those tattooed, and those who are not. They are for vegans, and they are for Keto meal fans. They are for marijuana smokers and they are for cigarette smokers too. They are for Budweiswer drinkers, and Guinness drinkers too. My LovePrints are for In and Out experts, and they are for Whataburger fans. They are for Taylor Swift fans, Kayne West fans, and Dixie Chicks fanatics.

My LovePrints are for Duke people, UNLV people, Syracuse people, and Georgetown people. Ivy league and HBCU. SEC and ACC. Big Ten and Pac 12. Yankees and Red Sox. Cats and Dogs,  Blue Collar and White Collar. Fox News and CNN. MTV and VH1. Rich and Poor. Gay and Straight. Tall and Short. Black and White. Male and Female, and everything not listed. Everyone here, and everyone not here.

This is my declaration. This is my invitation. If you witness me not honoring this, tell me. If my words do not match this, tell me. If my actions do not match this, tell me. I will honor this. That is my promise. That is my word. My actions will be connected to my words.

Feel free to join me. Feel free to share.

If you are reading this, consider yourself loved. Consider yourself love, and loved.

Go. Cover the planet in love.

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LovePrints. My family. My life. My smile.



Leaving behind good. Actively enhancing the future. Leaving your good in others.

I never knew that I had “the look”. I did not understand my hands. I took my smile for granted. I never thought about dancing. I never chased a baseball. If fell naturally to me. I certainly had no idea why.

I have looked in the mirror every day of my life and never understood what I was seeing. Its like looking at a work of art as paint is added, rather than seeing the finished art in its glory. I did not understand the colors. I lived them, but I did not know why they were chosen. I noticed when the colors were splashed about. I was there for the mistakes, and present when great strokes met the canvas. I never understood the artist. I had no idea what his life was about. I did not know if he painted in the city, the country, or on a mountain top. I did not know his love, or his pain. I did not know what he looked like. I simply knew there was an artist with a work in progress. I did not know what the end piece would look like, but I knew that It would make more sense if I knew who he was.

I recently found the face of the artist. I can look into his eyes and see what he was working from. I can see some of his other masterful work, and I can understand his successes and failures. I can now see more of what he saw. I never will get to ask him what he saw or how he felt. I can imagine more clearly now. I recognize that now because I have his eyes.

I can now look at his work more completely. I can not change the strokes to canvas, but I can understand them. I can see his hands, and they are so much like mine. I can see the strength in them, and the gentle touch. I can see his hand movements and placement, and they are familiar. I can stare at his hands as I have often stared at mine. They are mine. They are my daughters. They are my grandsons. They are ours.

I will never see him move. That is a loss that may be a deep as any. I will never get to know his laugh, nor will I get to see his smile up close. But, I have the mirror, and that seems to explain a lot. I can imagine his movements through his other art, and it makes me smile just typing this. I got to hear stories of how the family moves, and it makes perfect sense. Naturally, they move like I do.

The smile in the mirror is important. He gave it to all his children. It is unique. It has power. It has light. It has purpose. I see it in their faces, and I see it in the mirror. I see comfort, balance, and confidence. I know the smile. I know the grin. Something good is coming.

I never chased baseball. I never pursued it. It just was in me. It called. It often shouted. It gave. It taught. It celebrated. It cheered. It never failed me. I never chased a baseball. It fell naturally to me. I understand that now. I was meant to catch it.

I stop in front of the mirror now. The art that I have seen before has more meaning, more value. The mirror has not changed. The information has. I know the artist. I know his work. I know why.

Now, I know why.

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LovePrints. Best friends. Roommates. Cousins.

LovePrints. Leaving an impact of love on another. Covering another in love.

My family. My life. My goodness.

Pardon me in advance. I am tying this while tears flow down my face. I want to honor this by doing this in one sitting and unedited. That’s how important this is.

Before I knew to ask questions about who I was or who my family was, I was left to trust my instincts and trust those people around me who I shared common likes and interests with. Some people were easily chosen. The fit was strong. The bond was deep. The love was natural.

In some neighborhoods, friends call one another “family”. Proximity in where we lived, shared life conditions, common interest in the things closest to us, and a general like of one another. “Cuz” or “brother” “sis” or “auntie”, often the names were used to notify themselves and others of their place in the priority of life, and always as a sign of love for the other.

In my case, I had a community of brothers, cousins, sisters, etc., all based on love. Love of  time spent, love of shared events, and love of where we were from and who we were with. I can roll out a list of brothers and cousins, both real and implied. I am blessed with some wonderful people in my life that I have shared great times, hard times, good times, and the best of times. Some are teammates, classmates, roommates, and life mates.

In one case, he was all of those things.

We met in elementary school, Charles Drew Elementary. We lived five streets away from each other, and immediately hit it off as friends. We ran the blacktop at free time, often found ourselves as teammates in little league after we were bused to different schools at age 9. We became teammates when I saw him walking home from baseball practice, and I asked myself why I wasn’t playing with him. The next season, I tried out for his team, and we began a 3 year run as teammates. We played football on the same teams, but basketball split us up. Even while going to different (rival) schools, we managed to stay connected. His mom, dad, and older brother would pick us up from practice some days, which led to meals at his house. Even when we reached junior and senior high school, we stayed connected. We would find ways to hang out with each other, often ending at parties at the houses of respective friends from both of our schools (sometimes ending in rivalry fights where sides had to be chosen, and we usually ended up in the middle as peace-brokers). We played against each other in baseball, which was unique in that not all people of color played baseball in high school. We even met on the football field as during a game between Wakefield and Washington-Lee. At Wakefield, he had already found his calling to serve and heal, was one of the trainers during games. I got injured on a kick return, and who came jogging out to check me out? HIM! “Oh, its just Dee, he will be okay” as he loudly laughed and jogged off the field without putting a hand on me. We went and had a soda post game and laughed about it all night. (Until one of the previously mentioned fights broke out)

Off to college, and after, we began our respective bachelors lives of dancing in clubs and attending every party within 30 miles. We decided since we spent so much time together that we might as well be roomies, so we grabbed a third musketeer and found a place that was affectionately known as the “Animal House”. We threw some ridiculous parties and believed that we had the best dance club in Northern Virginia in our living room every weekend.

We played ball together, we began our coaching careers together, and we both found love and moved on late in our 20’s. I got to stand next to him at his wedding. I moved to Charlotte to host a tv show, and at one point, he moved to Charlotte to work with me and some of my other life brothers. We had a great time in Carolina.

As my ancestry and family journey took place, an odd, wonderful thing happened. As ancestry works, it brings you all DNA relatives who have taken the test. Ancestry can also estimate how close of a relation they are, which side of the family they are on, and any shared relatives. This was vital to my investigation of who my father was. We were looking for close relatives on my father’s side.

BINGO! We got one! And thankfully, they were on Facebook. I scanned through his pictures (read FB stalk) and came across a name that I knew. A picture that I knew. It was my friends’ mom. I reached out, and thankfully, he was kind and open enough to give me information.

Weeks later, after several DNA tests, online searches, phone conversations, and snail mail, the Ancestry folks told me that my friend, the one who was a teammate, a running mate, a classmate, a party mate, a road dog, a business mate, a life mate, and forever friend, was my FIRST COUSIN.

LovePrints is leaving your loving imprint on those around you, those you care about. Loveprints is leaving someone covered in love. LovePrints is often leaving love in places that you did not even think needed it. Andre is one of the most valued and loved people in my entire existence. There is now another reason why.

My friend is a constant LovePrint in action. Almost 50-years. My father did that too.

Isn’t life funny?


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LovePrints. My name. My father. My life. Part 2

LovePrints. Leaving love behind for others. Leaving more love than you found. An act of love.

My name. My father. My life.

My name is Pearson. I am a Garner. I could say that my name is Garner, and I am a Pearson. I am the genetic gift of a Garner. It answers many questions. It leads to more questions.

The people of Ancestry and Ancestry DNA investigators spent months digging through dna relatives, family records, census reports, obituaries, and conversations with family members to identify my father. Along the way, I discovered history, relatives, and siblings. I discovered more of who I am and why I am. I found out that science is a powerful tool. It has provided me with a sense of self that I did not know was missing. I was solid in who I thought I was. I have more facts now. I have more truth now. I have more of me now.

I won’t get to know my father in one sense. He passed away in 1994. I am getting to know him now through my family and siblings. The stories have started to come forward, and while I will never KNOW him, I will know of him at least. I will have more of him than I have ever had of my father before. That is a blessing.

What I know is that he had my face. He had my love of baseball. He had a family of amazingly beautiful and strong women around him, and he lived a life in full. I had always wondered where my love of the game of baseball came from. It was not a constant with the siblings I grew up with. He had a twin, which for some reason makes me smile. When I first saw pictures of the twins, it was with them in baseball uniforms. I sent the picture to my wife. I did not know which twin was my father, but my wife immediately said “your father is on the right”. I said that I didn’t know, and she responded “it’s the look. You give me that look all of the time”. I was so full.

My life has been a wonderful journey through bumps, bruises, and disappointments. My life has also been a ridiculous ride of successes and experiences that I would not believe if you told me would happen decades ago. I am constantly favored. I am constantly blessed. To receive more love, more family, more brothers and sisters, and more truth is just mind blowing. Each day is a new gift to be unwrapped, with new relatives and new love.

I cant find the words to tell you what it feels like to look at his face. There is nothing that I can say about what it feels like to sit in a room with relatives that you did now know looked just like you. A room full of the same facial expressions and mannerisms. A room full of same souls and love.

I also found out that I have another hometown in Clarksville, Virginia, filled with more faces, more history, more family, and more love. I am planning my trip home to my fatherland. I am told that there waiting for me is a street with the family name on it. Talk about tears. I know that I will stand there at that corner and look up. There will be some tears flowing on that day, I can tell you that.

He gave me all of this. That is a LovePrint. My. Oh. My.

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