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LovePrints. One act at a time. Leave more love than was there before you got there.


If I was going to measure my time on this planet, I would hope to be measured by the amount of love I left while I was here. Did I leave each thing more covered in love than I found it? Did I attempt to action in love? Did I make things better? Was I present in my interactions? Did I leave a lasting print of love on the people I meet? Did I love?

The questions are simple. You know the answer when asked. The speaking engagements that I have been honored to speak at have all been opportunities to love more, in word and in action, than ever before. These events put me in a circle of people who may or may not know me. It is my task to add smiles, add hugs, and ultimately, add love. It is my job to close the space in the room. I find that it is easier to do so if I am adding love to that space. It is a labor of love. It is amazing to get into a space and attempt to fill that space with more love, no matter who the people are.. It can be exhausting sharing the energy of any mass of people, but when the energy is love, it is the greatest form of energy. It is the best form of energy. It fills the room the most authentically. It also lasts longer. Love travels well.

Speeches are love out loud. Each time I grab a microphone or take a stage, I feel like I have a responsibility to add happiness. To add love. Each event is an action in love. Each one is love in action. I may not reach everyone, but the ones that I do reach are left better than I found them. That is what love is for.

These photos are from the Unity Day event at the Altria Theater in Richmond. I was invited to give the keynote speech to a room of a thousand people, and I must say that I received more smiles and hugs after the event than any other event I have ever spoken at (because I had access to the people afterwards). It is powerful to put love into the air and watch it take over a space and the people in it. I understand the chemical reaction that performers get in front of a crowd of people. It is a rush, and it changes you for the better.

To have that chemical be love based is the highest level of happiness. A room filled with love and good is a vacuum of that same love. I look forward to the next room filled with love. There is no space that love cannot fill. I will be there, adding love. I hope to see you there!

Thank you, Virginia Department of Transportation for allowing me to add love to your employee’s day. They certainly added love to my day.

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LovePrints. Unity Day. Hugs can cover the world in love.


One person. One invitation. One act.

Add love.

I walked into a room of total strangers and decided that the room was to be filled with love. I simply told the room that love is why I am here. Love is why we are all here. That’s why we are all here. I then announced that I was going to be giving hugs out as soon as I was done talking. I am one person in a room of 900 people. It was Unity Day. It was time to unite a room. But how?

Love Out loud!

I am responsible for my circle of energy. I announced that my energy is love, and hugs are the reward. I stood in the room and publicly stated out loud that hugs were going to be the action of the day. Love, everywhere. Hugs to everyone. Hugs here, there, and everywhere. It mattered not who you were, hugs were coming and that’s all there was to it. I explained that I was too thankful for the day to not share love. I had been through too much to not love, and since we were there together, we might as well love it out!

I shared myself. I felt vulnerable and exposed. I felt small. I felt alone on that stage. It was one light, one microphone, and one invitation to a room in the dark. I could not see their faces. I could not hear their reactions. What did I do? I walked off the stage and heard them love back. If I got nothing else but that applause, I had more than I could ask for. I walked off the stage and made a beeline to the green room. I forgot to close the door in my rush to exhale, and there was a knock at the door behind me. What greeted me was a smile, and with that smile, were open arms. “I came to get my hug!” WHAT?!

We stood and in arms, locked in and lost. She leaned back and said that my words moved her feet towards me. I had reached her. Her hug was authentic and deep. I exhaled again. I got my hug. I could go relax at the job well done. I had added one hug. My goodness. What a day! What a hug! I was going to be led to the seats in the auditorium, and the young man assigned to lead me arrived to the door with a smile the size of the door itself. His arms opened, and he waved me in for his hug. Not just a regular hug. This was a glad to hug you hug. This as a give me some of that love hug. He led me to my seat where I was greeted by hands reaching out, and smiles. The hug fest had begun. THIS IS NOT A DRILL! This is happening!

I was chased down for hugs. One after another. Sometimes in bunches and groups. On stairs. At tables. Sitting down. Standing up. Women. Men. Young. Old. They kept coming. For every step, another hug. I was in the restroom washing my hands and as I opened the door to exit, there was a line of men 15 deep waiting for hugs ( “it would have been weird if we tried to hug you in the restroom!”Yessir!) A funny thing happened. Along with the hugs were smiles. In bundles. Big huge, wide, amazing smiles. What a gift! I have always said that when you open your heart and hands with love to give, it is always returned exponentially to you. One man offered a hug and got hundreds back. That is our LovePrint. Cover each other in love. Each hug is an action in love. Each smile, love in action. One hug led to hundreds. One smile led to hundreds more. That’s what love does. I’m just going to sit here on this plane and enjoy being covered.


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