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LovePrints. My name. My father. My life. Part 2

LovePrints. Leaving love behind for others. Leaving more love than you found. An act of love.

My name. My father. My life.

My name is Pearson. I am a Garner. I could say that my name is Garner, and I am a Pearson. I am the genetic gift of a Garner. It answers many questions. It leads to more questions.

The people of Ancestry and Ancestry DNA investigators spent months digging through dna relatives, family records, census reports, obituaries, and conversations with family members to identify my father. Along the way, I discovered history, relatives, and siblings. I discovered more of who I am and why I am. I found out that science is a powerful tool. It has provided me with a sense of self that I did not know was missing. I was solid in who I thought I was. I have more facts now. I have more truth now. I have more of me now.

I won’t get to know my father in one sense. He passed away in 1994. I am getting to know him now through my family and siblings. The stories have started to come forward, and while I will never KNOW him, I will know of him at least. I will have more of him than I have ever had of my father before. That is a blessing.

What I know is that he had my face. He had my love of baseball. He had a family of amazingly beautiful and strong women around him, and he lived a life in full. I had always wondered where my love of the game of baseball came from. It was not a constant with the siblings I grew up with. He had a twin, which for some reason makes me smile. When I first saw pictures of the twins, it was with them in baseball uniforms. I sent the picture to my wife. I did not know which twin was my father, but my wife immediately said “your father is on the right”. I said that I didn’t know, and she responded “it’s the look. You give me that look all of the time”. I was so full.

My life has been a wonderful journey through bumps, bruises, and disappointments. My life has also been a ridiculous ride of successes and experiences that I would not believe if you told me would happen decades ago. I am constantly favored. I am constantly blessed. To receive more love, more family, more brothers and sisters, and more truth is just mind blowing. Each day is a new gift to be unwrapped, with new relatives and new love.

I cant find the words to tell you what it feels like to look at his face. There is nothing that I can say about what it feels like to sit in a room with relatives that you did now know looked just like you. A room full of the same facial expressions and mannerisms. A room full of same souls and love.

I also found out that I have another hometown in Clarksville, Virginia, filled with more faces, more history, more family, and more love. I am planning my trip home to my fatherland. I am told that there waiting for me is a street with the family name on it. Talk about tears. I know that I will stand there at that corner and look up. There will be some tears flowing on that day, I can tell you that.

He gave me all of this. That is a LovePrint. My. Oh. My.

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LovePrints go a long way. Ed Hunter and the Hunter Family

Thank you is such a simple thing to say. It always means more than the two words themselves. Always.
Great people make great families. Great Families make great people.
One of the reasons why I started LovePrints was to be able to say THANK YOU to people for who they are, what they have done, and what they are doing. These are people who did something along the way to form my life as it is. Some did these things on purpose, out loud, and directly. Some did so in my sight line and path, and in the shared path, became a part of my journey. I have said repeatedly that I am covered in LovePrints, and I will continue to share the good people who did this.
As most of you know, I am proud of my beginnings. I was raised by a community of family, friends, teachers, and coaches who barked when needed, smiled often, guided with firm yet gentle hands, and gave me a well lit path to walk on. Some did so without realizing that they had an army of young people following them. Or maybe they knew, and simply made it look like they didn’t. What I can tell you is that the neighborhoods that I was raised and ran in were diverse, colorful, and loving. They were also full of people who taught by doing, who were constantly present, and cared enough to tell you what you needed to know rather than what you wanted to hear.
I talk a lot about the Black Knights community, the family and families, the brothers and sisters, and the teammates. The Black and Gold always managed to make the world seem large and comfortable at the same time. The names meant something because of the people that carried and honored them. And the families extended beyond the games, the fundraisers, and the colors. They extended into homes, playgrounds, parks, and fields. Among the names, Hunter was one that shines for me, and there are several reasons. The Hunters were a family. They were friends. They were my home away from home, and a landmark to my life. The beauty of this is that there are several families that could and will be talked about. Today, I want to focus on this family.
From first to the last, this family was always present. No matter if i was playing games, watching games, coaching games, or working games, they were present. From mom to daughter to brother, in family and friendship, always present. To provide light, direction, and advice. From keeping score, drinks for the teams, snacks for the coaches, and a pat on the back no matter how those games went. Always present.
At the top of this family is Ed Hunter. Coach. Dad. Pops. Sir. Always present. Always a transport. Always a wave from the corner house. Always a boundary. Always there to keep the lights on. Always there to give structure. Always there to give advice. Always there to growl if he saw something beneath you. Always there to smile if you were being a better version of yourself. Always there. Always.
The same can be said for the family, as could be said for many of the Black Knight families. But Ed, Karen, Eric, and Stacey are a great example of LovePrints. Theirs are all over Arlington County, and beyond. I would be failing if I did not use this space to tell them so. Ed, you made the county home for many. You made it better. I am saying thank you for a lot of us. You deserve it. Thank you Hunters, one and all.
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