WT Woodson Cavaliers Basketball Coach Doug Craig leaves his LovePrints


Doug Craig is far too humble to say any of this about himself, so I will say this for him. He is deserving of every award and accolade given to him, and some that have eluded him. He is actually in the profession of young people for the right reason. He cares. He has recently led the WT Woodson Cavaliers Basketball team to its first Virginia 6A Boys Basketball Championship in its proud and successful history, and to say that is maybe under selling the accomplishment. He will not take credit for it. And that may be the true genius in the man. He does not need the credit. He needs to care.

I will say that all coaches care. Maybe not in the right way or about the right thing. But they care. Maybe most care enough to collect the check, peel off the camp money, and all of the while, keep an eye open for the NEXT better option. Doug has this unique thing that happens as the lights get brighter. He lets others shine in it, and he is off to the shadows and dark corners to find an advantage. He is Lehigh in an non Lehigh community. He is well thought, well prepared, and he is love.

Not one player would say that he did not care. He openly cares, often to the point of tears and private tantrums. And public tantrums too. (Yes, he is human, but it is a part of his charm). But his genius is in the fact that everyone knows that he cares the right way, about the right people, for the right reasons. And that, well, is everything good.

In a program full of larger than life personas, stats, legendary eyes, and critical masses, Doug manages to love loudly, proudly, and on time. He stomps and growls to protect his charges, only to crack a brilliant smile when he thinks no one is looking so that they do not see the genius at work. He barks in rhythm to pace required for boundaries and rules, only to whisper instructions forward to move the mission forward. He takes time for his family, his students, and his community, all while obsessing privately over the detail. THAT detail. The one that will come in handy when no one thinks he has anything left in the bag. And then there is the heart. That leadership heart.

His wins on the floor and in the classroom are covered in love, trust, and care. He has talented players, who care. He has amazing parents, who care. He has enthusiastic fans, who care. And he has the family who stand him up straight, dress him up, purpose him forward, and care. They are the reason why he cares. He is covered in it. From his parents, siblings, amazing wife, and his future world dominating kids, he is covered in care. He is covered in LovePrints, and it is apparent that nothing else sticks.

He teaches with love. He coaches with love. He mentors with love. He rallies the community with love. Actually, he has come into a tough crowd community, and won them over. He outlasted the haters. He outworked his doubters. He won over the crowd.  And now they are his. He is love, and loved.

I am proud to say this for him. He is too humble to do so for himself. But I care. He is love, and loved.



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